The Bermuda Depths

GAAAH! Just having to watch some of this movie again to write this post filled my gut with dread! This below average “movie of the week” fare from 1978 is strange for several reasons:

1. It was produced by Rankin-Bass, the same people who did Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
2. According to my 8 year old memory, it’s about a giant murderous turtle and those kids from the Blue Lagoon. According to IMDB the real plot is even weirder.
3. The presence of Burl Ives is detected.

This clip has the parts of the movie I remember best, including the scene that would trigger a life long hatred for turtles and keep me from ever swimming in the ocean as an adult. So if you are disturbed by drowning or turtle on human violence, I would avoid the last 3 minutes of this clip.

The memory of watching this show is so vivid, I can still smell the neighbor’s basement rec room I watched it in.

So Seattle: Felony Warrant Suspect Fakes Injuries

Under the Needle
On 01-30-09 at 6:51 p.m., officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 3000 block of NE 137th street. The caller went on to say that a man was down. Two vehicles pulled into a driveway in front of a four-plex on the north side of NE 137th. As the occupants exited their vehicles, a reported dark gray sedan drove by headed E/B. The suspect(s) inside this sedan fired at least 4 shots, apparently aiming for one of the several persons standing in the driveway.

One male fell to the ground. Officers arrived, secured the scene, and allowed Seattle Fire to examine the “injured” man. He was found to be not shot and further examination showed him to be breathing fine with a normal pulse. However, he continued to keep his eyes closed, and remain non-responsive. Officers interviewed the “injured” man’s wife. Officers identified the man and determined that he had an outstanding felony warrant. This probably accounts for his physical actions and/or “condition”. He was transported to an area hospital. The scene was turned over to Gang Detectives. After being released from the hospital, the “injured” suspect was booked into King County Jail for the felony warrant.

The 8 Most Awkward Berenstain Bears Books

Trouble for the Berenstain Bears
Everyone loves the Berenstain Bears. Created by Stan and Jan Berenstain, the bear family has been fortifying young readers with uplifting tales since the early ’60s. But make no mistake; despite the wholesome nature of life in Bear Country, its residents aren’t immune to the complexities of modern life. In addition to complications with anthropomorphic bear hygiene, Papa, Mama, Brother and Sister Bear have to deal with bullies, strangers, guns and even racism. The Berenstains succeeded in writing about moral situations without getting preachy, but as art imitates life, sometimes it’s uncomfortable to watch good bears get put in bad situations. Read on for a look at the eight Berenstain Bears books that force nerds to remember their own uncomfortable upbringings.

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1920′s Clara Bow inspired make-up tutorial

January Jones: “Up a Lazy River” Scopitone

The Borden Twins Cock o’ the Walk commercial

Fiction- The Gift Of Mercy

Space Time 089
We made a mistake. That is the simple, undeniable truth of the matter, however painful it might be. The flaw was not in our Observatories, for those machines were as perfect as we could make, and they showed us only the unfiltered light of truth. The flaw was not in the Predictor, for it is a device of pure, infallible logic, turning raw data into meaningful information without the taint of emotion or bias. No, the flaw was within us, the Orchestrators of this disaster, the sentients who thought themselves beyond such failings. We are responsible…

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And One – Panzermensch – Misheard Lyrics

The Lost tapes from the Doctor Who Engineer

Delia Derbyshire is the composer of the original theme music to the cult favorite TV show Dr. Who. She worked for the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop in 1963 and was asked to record the theme written by a composer named Ron Grainer. She turned this composition into a ground breaking (at the time) electronic masterpiece.

Delia passed away in 2001 and recently it’s been revealed that 267 tapes of recordings were discovered in her attic, laying dormant for over 30 years.

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Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele ‘created twin town in Brazil’

The steely hearted “Angel of Death”, whose mission was to create a master race fit for the Third Reich, was the resident medic at Auschwitz from May 1943 until his flight in the face of the Red Army advance in January 1945.

His task was to carry out experiments to discover by what method of genetic quirk twins were produced – and then to artificially increase the Aryan birthrate for his master, Adolf Hitler.

Now, a historian claims, Mengele’s notorious experiments may have borne fruit.

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