Mr. Yuk: Death is EVERYWHERE!!

The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes

I love this song, but I hadn’t seen this video until now. OMG this is a virtual smorgasbord or retro nostalgia- at least for me. My grandparents had that same amber glass post lamp! My uncle had that couch! My dad’s popcorn popper! The popped polo shirt collar! The “Logan’s Run” tunics! Banana seats! Combined with the 80s synth sound and the atomic age lyrics, this is pure Reagan-era bliss.

Burglary: Cookie Crisp

Breaking and Entering: Honeycomb Cereal

Breaking and Entering: Kool-Aid

Breaking and Entering: 1972 Peter Pan Peanut Butter Commercial

Alphabet Anxiety – Varnished Violets

For me, what made this short creepy wasn’t the anything in the film itself; it’s what that villain was going to do with a vase full of varnish and vinegar under his vest… *shudder*

Alphabet Anxiety – Hair Horror

Alphabet Anxiety – Evil “I”

Oh, little tittle, where is your god now??

w00tstock!: Meetin’ Wheaton Makes Me Go Corky

Meetin’ Wheaton Makes Me Go Corky, Wherein Many Ellipses, Parenthetical Thoughts, and Bad Punctuation Abound

Friday night, Mr. Cupcakes and I had the glorious opportunity to attend w00tstock here in Seattle. For those of you who are not part of the geek elite, w00tstock is a little shindig created by the Dark Lord of the l33t, Wil Wheaton, and 2 guys whom I had never heard of until the show, Paul and Storm. It’s billed as “3 Hours of Geeks and Music”, and it so lived up to that name that it ended up being 4 hours of pure nerd bliss. This was a beautiful, almost transcendent experience. I sat in the theatre, seeing dozens of people I knew and or recognized from around town. Former coworkers, people I went to school with, hell, I even ran into the guy who introduced me to my husband there. The show opened with Ceiling Cat and “Also sprach Zarathustra”*, and only got bigger and better until the end. There wasn’t a single low or forgettable moment for the entire 4 hours and I will see it again if it ever comes back to Seattle.

This was the “Trololo” bit with Paul and Storm and Wil Wheaton. Very silly, but oh so fun.

After the show, hubby and I stayed to get autographs. I was wondering what I would say to Wil Wheaton, seeing as you are socially obligated to say SOMETHING meaningful to a complete stranger when you ask them for their signature (unless, of course, you are the UPS guy). When I got up to him, he was very gracious, signed my poster and I sincerely thanked him for the show.

Then, as typically happens to me when I least want it to, I got retarded…
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