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Fishing Boats, Gooseberry Point, WA. Photo by Scarlett Messenger
Fishing Boats, Gooseberry Point, WA. Photo by Scarlett Messenger

As a student of folklore and mythology (and a former Goth girl from the 80s) I have a love for horror stories. Even more interesting to me than standard horror fiction is the evolution from the campfire story to internet memes and creepypasta. We have the capability to create new mythologies and imagery and share them with the world on a level never before seen. I created this site to track some of my favorite tidbits, as well as personal anecdotes, podcasts, and other horror or paranormal miscellanea.

1. Whenever possible I will avoid anything that is overly reliant on “jump scares”. I personally hate them and I think they are a cheap shot. I will also avoid gore or violence as much as possible. That stuff doesn’t scare me, it just makes me sad for the state of humanity. However, I can not vouch for some of the content within certain threads I link to, so adventure at your own risk.

2. Everything here is presented for entertainment purposes. No, I do not think that any of this stuff is capable of turning people suicidal or controlling their minds, etc. Or… is it???

3. Some material is presented here out of context, mostly because I find some of the “150 people tore their own eyes out watching this video” type stories to be far less frightening and intriguing than the source material itself.

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