Female Explorer Gets Her Due, 2 Centuries Later

More than two centuries after she disguised herself as a man and set out on a journey that would make her the first woman to circle the globe, pioneering botanist Jeanne Baret is getting some long-deserved recognition.

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Ghost Stories: The Black Ribbon

As a kid, I had a 45 record (back in the old days, kiddies, music came on REALLY BIG CDs made of stone and you had to put them on a spinny thing and put a live bird’s beak into the grooves to make the music come out) of Halloween stories and songs for kids. One of the stories on that 45 really freaked me out. Since it is a “love” story of sorts, it seems appropriate for V-Day. Let me share my version of it, as I remember it, with you…

Once upon a time, a man was searching for a wife- without much success. He was a rich man, but very particular and controlling. He interviewed many potential candidates, but each one was too thin, or too portly, or too stupid, or too clever, or too blond, or too brunette.

One day, a woman came by his mansion selling flowers. In her simple blue dress and black ribbon tied at her neck, she was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, with long jet black hair, skin like porcelain, ruby red lips, and eyes like coal. She proved in conversation to be demure and intelligent, but not overly opinionated or contrary. She was in every way the perfect woman for him. After a brief courtship, they married, and she came to live in his vast estate on the hill.

As time went by, the couple seemed happy, and he lavished her with gifts of jewelry and imported dresses from far away lands. She cherished each ensemble, wearing it proudly, yet never removing the ribbon from around her neck- even while sleeping. This began to nag at the husband. When he asked her about the ribbon, she dismissed him, saying that it covered a scar she acquired in childhood. He asked to see it, but she refused, saying it embarrassed her to display this particular imperfection. He became angry. Surely, as her husband, he had every right to see her as she was. This minor blemish could not diminish his love for her, could it? She gently refused again and walked off to wander the gardens in her own graceful way.

As the weeks progressed, the husband found himself growing more and more agitated at the thought of the ribbon. The sight of it nagged at his eyes, like a beacon of reproach. How dare she deny him? After all he had given her! In all other things she was dutiful and obedient, but this, THIS was unacceptable. His selfish mind hatched a plan to strip her of this conceit and prove to her once and for all that she was his and his alone, not the subject of that oppressive slice of silk at her throat. He waited until she she was asleep in bed, and crept toward her, scissors grasped greedily in his hand. he carefully slid the cold, chrome device between the cold, snowy flesh of her throat and the ribbon, and with one snip it parted and fell away.

And with it came her head.

The head rolled onto the floor eyes open and accusing. It let out one mournful scream, “WHY!!!??” before the light in it’s coal black eyes extinguished and died.

Scars for Grown Ups – Taman Shud

An unidentified man was found dead at 6.30am, December 1, 1948 on a beach in Adelaide, Australia. No cause of death could be determined. On 14 January 1949, an abandoned brown suitcase with its label removed is discovered at Adelaide Railway Station. A few months later, a piece of paper with the words “Taman Shud” written on it was found in a secret pocket concealed within the man’s trouser pocket. Throw in a mysterious, rare first edition copy of “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”, some enigmatic code, and a few conspiracy theories, and you have one of Australia’s most enduring and creepy mysteries.


The last man on Earth!

As a child, TV delivered the world to me and was my near constant companion.  One Saturday afternoon my friend, the TV, showed me “The Last Man on Earth” staring Vincent Price.  What really resonated for me were things like the burning pit and the bodies on the road and Vincent Price running about driving wooden stakes in to anyone he found.

On a side note, of the three movies based on the story “I am Legend” this one is the truest to the story.

WTF!? Flying Sliver Balls of DEATH!

“Phantasm”, just the music alone could have made a kid wet his pants.  Add to that the “Tall Man”, “Evil Jawas” and “Flying Cuisinarts” to spell brown trouser time!  This drive-in scar session twisted my tender mind at the age of 8.

This was the last time my sister was able to sneak out to the drive-in when she was suppose to be watching me because this movie terrified me and I cried.  I cried like a baby for three solid hours, then my mom got home from work and it was my sister’s turn to cry a bit.

As an adult, I love this movie.  As a kid, it sucked as few things have ever sucked before.

The Incredible Melting Man

In my youth I was treated to a winning combination, a mother’s need to work and support her children and a teen aged sister’s desire to go out and a have some fun.  As a result I was the tag along on some of my sister’s dates.  This was a bit odd for me but what really added to up many scarring moments was being taken to the drive-in and made to sit on the roof and watch the movie while “other things” happened in the car below.  In retrospect, I can see what an amazing cock block I was to her boyfriends.  I don’t know if she planed that or even liked it but I’m sure, one way or the other, I was a most effective form of birth control.  On one of our many trips to the drive-in I was cursed to see a little movie called “The Incredible Melting Man”.  I must have been 7 or 8 at the time and the ending really did a number on me… that damned eye most of all.

I’ll post some of the other drive-in movies that affected me later.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow

“Man shall become a man eater,” words that chilled me. I was a child and not made for that knowledge. They spend an hour showing all the ways that Nostradamus may have been right about the past and then show what he said about the future. For a kid, the arguments seemed irrefutable. Fast forward the clip 8 minutes to see the images that haunted my mind for years to follow.

The Death of Mr. Hooper

Sesame Street’s Mr. Hooper was a wonderful character played by actor Will Lee. He was a grandfatherly man who would spin yarns about his youth in the early part of of the 20th century and tolerated all of Big Bird’s hijinks, urban neurosis (let’s face it, Big Bird was Woody Allen in a boa). Lee died of a sudden heart attack on December 7, 1982, and his absence on the show was acknowledged with one of the saddest and most heartfelt moments in the history of children’s television.

So Seattle: Felony Warrant Suspect Fakes Injuries

Under the Needle
On 01-30-09 at 6:51 p.m., officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 3000 block of NE 137th street. The caller went on to say that a man was down. Two vehicles pulled into a driveway in front of a four-plex on the north side of NE 137th. As the occupants exited their vehicles, a reported dark gray sedan drove by headed E/B. The suspect(s) inside this sedan fired at least 4 shots, apparently aiming for one of the several persons standing in the driveway.

One male fell to the ground. Officers arrived, secured the scene, and allowed Seattle Fire to examine the “injured” man. He was found to be not shot and further examination showed him to be breathing fine with a normal pulse. However, he continued to keep his eyes closed, and remain non-responsive. Officers interviewed the “injured” man’s wife. Officers identified the man and determined that he had an outstanding felony warrant. This probably accounts for his physical actions and/or “condition”. He was transported to an area hospital. The scene was turned over to Gang Detectives. After being released from the hospital, the “injured” suspect was booked into King County Jail for the felony warrant.

Man severs own head after driving off with neck tied to tree

Man severs own head after driving off with neck tied to tree – MSN-Mainichi Daily News
NAGOYA — The head of a man was found near a car at a parking lot on Thursday morning after it was apparently severed when he tied a rope to a tree and secured it around his neck before driving off, police said.

A passerby found the head near the vehicle in the parking lot of a golf course in Nagoya’s Tenpaku-ku at about 7 a.m. and alerted police.

Officers suspect that the man’s head was severed when he accelerated the car. The head apparently flew out the back of the car, which was open.

Police believe that he was a 56-year-old resident of Nagoya. A suicide note was found inside the car.

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